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About Us

Reeling for hope is a Breast Cancer support charity that operates like a trusted fishing buddy for breast cancer survivors, helping them reel in strength, resilience, and laughter as they navigate the choppy waters of Breast Cancer recovery

My Story


In 2020 I was laying in bed and felt a lump on my left breast. Not thinking anything off it, as I just had my annual exam, I made a joke about it and went about my day. Luckily, my husband-to-be does not let these things go. Within a week I was examined and biopsied. Within two weeks, I was mammogramed, ultra-sounded and diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Within a three month period I completed two rounds of hormone therapy with egg extraction, had a bilateral total mastectomy, lymph node removal and breast reconstruction surgery. From there came chemo and radiation and what will be years and years of oral mediation and follow ups... and the trepidation of always wondering "is it back?".

I'm your pretty average 30-something year old woman who loves to fish, be on the water, laughs at myself the loudest, is super sarcastic, and always up for adventures with friends and family. While spending the last decade in the medical field, this still took me for a ride. Googling was the WORST! First, there's the WebMD warriors - I have an actual doctor that filled that gap. Then there are tons and tons of blogs from women who go to all juice diets (which Kuddo's to you but spinach tastes like chalk no matter how much you blend it), women in their 60's who live a different life than me, women who did a lot of vitamin C and were cured, women who I just didn't connect with. I didn't want fluff, I wanted the RAW. That's what led me to create Reeling For Hope. I wanted a place for women and men who still wanted to have a cocktail while on chemo could go to, have some laughs, but still learn what the next steps were. For me, this isn't about a cure - there are wayyy smarter people working on that. This is a site for support and what real men and women experience and what helped them get through what's to come.

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Funds raised by our charity group are directed towards creating our curated care packages. These bags contain everything you need in one package - no amazon searches, etsy purchases, and late night runs to Wal-Mart. These products have been tried and loved by yours truly as well as others within our community. Our goal is to get these care packages out to as many people as we can to ease the emotional and physical burden of having your body modified by this terrible disease.